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April 11, 2019 2 min read

Compression Socks are a wise investment for anybody plagued by swollen or aching limbs due to long durations of time on their feet. But if you’re reading this, my guess is that you already knew that. At this point, you’ve already placed an order for a pair or two, and you are anxiously awaiting prompt delivery of your brand new Fresh Legs Compression Socks. Before you try them on for the very first time, I highly suggest you read on. The following article highlights the top three ways to keeping your compression socks looking and feeling fresh.

#1 Wear on Clean, Dry Skin

Let’s face it. Compression socks aren’t the easiest to put on thanks to the thicker and longer fabric than that of ordinary socks. To make them easier to slip on, be sure to wear them on clean, dry skin. This way, dirt won’t get trapped beneath the compression material, and irritation from moisture is an afterthought.


#2 Hand Wash with Gentle Detergent or Soap

Many washing machines and dryers can be unnecessarily rough, especially on compression products. For this reason, opting to hand wash compression socks and laying them out to dry would be ideal in ensuring adequate longevity. The fibers that make up compression socks are a special synthetic blend that must be handled extra carefully, so be sure to use gentle laundry detergent or light soap when washing. Alternatively, stronger detergents are comprised of harsher chemicals that may damage the compression socks or even irritate your skin.

#3 Avoid Stretching the Fabric

Do your best not to yank or pull at the compression socks when putting them on your feet. Compression socks are designed to apply a certain amount of compression pressure to provide support, promote an increase in blood circulation, and reduce swelling or aching limbs. When you stretch the fabric, it can gradually impede the function on the compression socks.


Do you have any tips/hacks of your own? Comment below!

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