Benefits of Compression Sleeves

March 04, 2019 2 min read

Benefits of Compression Sleeves

Benefits of Compression Sleeves

Just like runners... nurses, professionals, maternity, travelers, and many others suffer from leg aches and pains. Among many reasons, this may be caused by long hours on their feet at work, or because of their lack of physical activity during their day. Compression leg sleeves are the best solution to this problem.

How it works?

Your heart pumps oxygen containing blood through your arteries to your muscles. Your cells take the nutrients and oxygen from your blood; the depleted blood enters your veins for transport back to your heart, over and over again. Compression leg sleeves add gentle, graduated pressure to your calves to help fight the effects of gravity.

Compression sleeves come with many benefits:

User Flexibility

Compression leg sleeves provide the user the flexibility to wear any sock of their choice. This is great for nurses who prefer extra cushion socks on their 12-hour shifts. Compression leg sleeves are the best for nurses or any user because they can be reused multiple times before washing.

Improve Circulation

Since leg sleeves compress, they can help increase blood circulation which can prevent leg swelling. In turn, this can reduce the appearance of varicose and spider veins which are very common among nurses who are on their feet all day.

Prevent Soreness

When lactic acid is build up in the body, is causes soreness. The circulation boost from graduated leg compression keeps the lactic acid from building up in your muscle after a long period of activity or sitting. Compression leg sleeves can prevent muscle soreness from physical activities, and prevent muscle strains by keeping your muscles warm during these times.

Speedy Recovery

Compression leg sleeves provide relief to feet and legs for people who experience fatigue in these areas and also reduce the rate of fatigue. In addition, provide recovery and relaxation by increasing blood circulation and limiting swelling.

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