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The Best Thing for Your Feet During Pregnancy

by Parker Robinson November 08, 2016

Women face many hormonal changes during pregnancy, including a 40-50% increase in blood volume. Additionally, blood flow may be restricted through the lower body. The slower blood flow puts pregnant women at higher risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Even further, many women suffer from swollen feet, tiredness, or aching legs. So what’s the solution? Compression Socks by Fresh Legs.

By wearing graduated compression, you will feel a soothing and revitalizing leg massage, which helps to relieve discomfort in the lower legs. Fresh Legs Compression Socks are designed to improve circulation and blood flow. By having the greatest amount of compression at the bottom part of the socks, and less compression at the top, Fresh Legs will enhance the flow of oxygen rich blood to your legs, while de-oxygenated blood is sent back to the heart at a faster rate.

Graduated compression socks by Fresh Legs are the solution to your pregnancy pains in the lower legs. Our proprietary technology along with stylish designs will keep your feet feeling happy and looking good!

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Parker Robinson
Parker Robinson


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