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Copper Compression Socks

Item # 5006-100-03

Size Guide
  • Copper ions are embedded in the yarn to provide natural foot wellness and skin enhancement
  • Graduated compression increases circulation and decreases swelling
  • Copper ions prevent odor and improve foot hygiene
  • Reduces appearance of varicose veins
  • Comfortable and wide seamless toe box
  • Relieves aches, pains, and restless legs syndrome
  • Perfect for travelers and those on their feet all day

Product Description

The copper compression socks are great for everyone from travelers to nurses to runners. The compression stockings contain special copper nylon that help to prevent the buildup of odor, while also providing natural wellness and skin enhancement. The graduated compression technology helps to improve circulation and blood flow. This helps to prevent blood from pooling in the ankle areas - a common problem during long term flights.

Runners are able to benefit from using the Fresh Legs Compression Socks, as they help to relieve shin splints and improve athletic performance. Use them while working out, playing tennis, walking, jogging or during any sports.

The compression in the travel socks also help to provide support to the lower legs. A seamless toe box prevents blisters and irritation, ensuring an optimal fit. The compression socks are not just for traveling. Anyone on their feet for long shifts, including nurses, cooks, waiters, and more are able to benefit from the Zensah copper compression socks - helping to keep their feet energized all day or night.

Expecting mothers are able to use the copper socks as maternity compression socks to help reduce the appearance of varicose veins and alleviate restless leg syndrome.

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Fresh Legs sizing is based on American size.

Compression Sock Size Chart (US Shoe Size)
  Men Women
Small 4 - 6.5 5 - 8
Medium 7 - 9.5 8.5 - 11
Large 10 - 12.5 11.5 - 14


Compression Leg Sleeves Size Chart
The product is unisex. Calf size should be used to determine sizing.
  Calf Size Height
S/M 12.5" - 15" 5'4" - 5'10"
L/XL 15" - up 5'11" - up